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Welcome home.

Our photo album. Our movie night.

Our universe of dreams and visions.

We are a young filmduo from Hamburg creating nostalgia and memories.

We take you out of the world to bring you to new places.

We chase dusk and dawn to tell stories in bright and golden light.

Two times nordish by nature

multiplied by the same passion

and years of friendship.

This is alba & oska.

Dusk and dawn, the calm and the storm, summer and winter, warm latin souls and northern solitude are combined in the two of us and our team. We chase skin-kissing light before the day has even started and tell stories nobody else does.

Words and wine turn into artistic shortfilms.

Whispering ideas and vivid moodboards become music videos.

Sleepless nights and insatiable wanderlust grow into adventurous social media clips.




Jannik is our DoP. He is the one behind the camera with an eye for special moments and the talent to capture them, so they remain special and unique forever. 


Despite his young age, he has gathered quite some experience on big and international sets around Europe in the camera department. This gave him the opportunity to learn a lot from outstanding DOPs, DITs and ACs.


Jannik keeps calm when a project is coming to an end and things tend to become hectic. He gives them the final touches, that make them so special.

Studying communication design she deepened her passion for texting and visualizing stories. Now she is the one unleashing our projects by catching the shreds of ideas, which develop into concepts, and later become beautiful pictures and films. 


Besides writing our concepts she directs our shoot and is the warm soul on set taking care of the crew.  


Lykke gave alba & oska its appearance and design. Furthermore she is the contact for everyone who works with us or wants to do so.




We are on the move. All the time.


If you want, stay updated and accompany the wanderers. Experience, what the next journey holds.

We share and we are happy to have you join our adventure.

To connect with us feel free to use our inbox. It is always open for inquiries and lovely words!

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To connect with us feel free to use our inbox. It is always open for inquiries and lovely words!

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