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Mercedes-Benz: Benz & Berge


Life is rushing past us. We forgot how to breathe and brake. Taking time became a privilege when we stopped valuing it. Within Austrias mountains we found adventurousness and calmness. A friendship appreciating being together over ring tones and the simplicity of a car drive over long-distance flights. We captured it in reels we filmed for Mercedes Benz.

In a team of seven friends we followed the mountains mumble and headed further south. From the concept over client care to music and finishing a single-handed production. Once again we noticed, that we don't need sleep when we can be on set and follow our dreams and visions.


Clara Franke

Julia Conrad

Rouven Schütte


Production: alba & oska

Director: Lykke Sickermann

Director of Photography: Jannik Wenck

Photographer, Driver, Set PA: Lotti Eggers

Music: Lennard Clément, Michel Rieckens

Set PA: Mats Sickermann

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