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Niklas Kolorz - Live


Science journalist, YouTuber and bestselling author Niklas Kolorz tells stories about the universe and its history for years now. With his unbelievable knowledge and the ability to excite his viewers, he fills the halls of Germany. One of them: the Markthalle in Hamburg. With a crew of old and new colleagues we recorded Niklas' fascinating live show in Hamburg.


Production: alba & oska

Management: 190a

Director of Photography: Jannik Wenck

Camera Operators: Jannik Wenck, Jacob Böttner, Clemens Wagenschein, Christoph Jakubek

Light Design: Light Art Studios

Light Operator: Nikolas Richter

Edit: alba & oska

Grading: Jannik Wenck

Sound Editing: Lennard Clément

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